Kidney Systems Biology Project
 Epithelial Systems Biology Laboratory, NHLBI, Bethesda, MD
Renal Epithelial Transcriptome and Proteome Databases  
This page provides links to transcriptomic and proteomic databases for the various renal tubule epithelia compiled from published papers.  Please contact Mark Knepper ( Epithelial Systems Biology Laboratory, NHLBI) at or go to  KSBP for further information. 
Transcriptome (RNA-seq)   General Proteomics
 Transcriptomes of All Renal Tubule Segments (Rat)   IMCD Proteome Database
Glomerular Transcriptome (Rat)   IMCD Membrane Proteome Database
Protein Kinases along Nephron   mpkCCD Proteome Database
Secreted Proteins along Nephron     Inner Medullary Collecting Duct Proteome Database
7-Membrane-Spanning Receptors along Nephron    
Transcription Factors along Nephron   Phosphoproteomics
Transporters and Channels along Nephron  
Housekeeping Proteins along Nephron   IMCD Phosphoproteome Database
Index (Single Tubule RNA-seq)     Temporal iTRAQ Phosphoproteomic Database (TiPD)
  mpkCCD Phosphoproteome Database
Transcriptome (Affymetrix Arrays)   Collecting Duct Phosphoproteome Database
    Inner Medullary Collecting Duct Phosphotyrosinome
  Proximal Tubule Database     IMCD Kinase Substrate Database
  Thick Ascending Limb Database   mTAL Phosphoproteome Database
  Inner Medullary Collecting Duct Database   Renal Cortical Membrane Phosphoproteome Database
mTAL Transcriptome Database    
Rat Proximal Tubule Transcriptome Database   Specialized Proteomics  
mpkCCD Transcriptome Database    
IMCD Transcriptome Database     mpkCCD Nucleus Proteome Database (mNPD)
      mpkCCD Nuclear Phosphoproteome Database (mNPPD)
Meta Analysis      Protein Half Lives in mpkCCD Epithelial Cells
    Urinary Exosomal Proteome in Renal Transplantation
  Portal for Vasopressin Regulation in Kidney     Renal Inner Medullary Carbamylation Database
  Database of Osmoregulated Proteins (Mammalian)  
  Human Urinary Exosome Proteomics
Collaborative Data (Transcriptomic)  
  Urinary Exosome Protein Database
  Mouse Nephron: SAGE Data (Cheval et al.)   Human Exosome Proteins in Renal Transplant Rejection
  Transcriptome of Mouse Distal Tubule (de Baaij et al.)  
  Mouse Renal Inner Medulla: Response to Vasopressin   Collaborative Data (Proteomic)
Vasopressin-Regulated Transcripts in mpkCCD: SAGE  
Mouse Podocyte mRNA Expression (Kann et al.)     Kidney and Epididymal V-ATPase-rich Cell Proteome
  Rat Proximal Convoluted Tubule Proteome - Acidosis
  Aldosterone Effects on Mouse Distal  Tubule Proteome
    IMCD Phosphoproteome with Acute Lithium Treatment
    Mouse Glomerular Phosphoproteomic Database
    Rat Glomerular Phosphoproteomic Database
    Bovine Glomerular Phosphoproteomic Database
  Apical Proteome in Mouse mpkCCD Cells